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World Mobile Games 天下手游iOS版本下载版本 World V1.0.25 Apple Edition / World Mobile iOS Version Download Version
    • 2.6G Software size: 2.6G
    • 简体中文 Software language: Simplified Chinese
    • 手机游戏 Software type: Mobile game
    • 免费软件 Software License: Free Software
    • 2019-11-19 Updated: 2019-11-19
    • 角色扮演 Software category: Role playing
    • Software official website:
    • iPhone Application Platform: iPhone

    Netizen score: fraction 10 points

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    The world is a 3D MMORPG mobile game independently developed by NetEase. This game is built by the next-generation Messiah engine, providing all-weather dynamic environment rendering, and full CG-level game graphics, which can bring players the ultimate 3D gaming experience.


    [Game Features]

    1. The Great World-Eight Thousand Miles of Clouds and Moons Holding a Hundred-Hectare Wilderness Seamless World

    "World" breaks through the limitations of traditional mobile maps and brings a real world in the palm of your hand. Super big map, seamless from social to combat, from task to team, farewell to read the progress bar. Different scenes have unique atmospheres, natural transitions between regions, and great wilderness views for you to explore.

    2. True freedom-free to explore the sky and earth for free

    Rejecting presets, four sections of individualized light power released autonomously; heaven and earth, diversified flying mounts to choose from; you swim in the water and chase with friends in the water. All Free World invites you to experience!

    3.Panoramas-360 ° at different heights presents great views of the wilderness

    360-degree, zero-limit, full-detail vision, full film-level expressiveness, screenshots at hand are top blockbusters. Be the first to search for a way, and tilt the world, this is your world!

    4.New Social Networks-Reasons for Mo Chou's 1,000 Fingertips

    5 player copy battle, 3v3 arena, 15v15 battlefield, forces fight side by side, Bashu drill 20V20 real-time PK, streamer battlefield free decisive battle ... a hundred ways to play waiting for you. Ten thousand people make friends on the same screen, real-time voice social, two-person interactive gameplay, and travel with 63 million players here to go to the world.

    World Mobile Games

    [Game evaluation]

    1. All-round innovation of the four martial arts inheriting the essence of end-games

    "World" Mobile Games follows the classic four martial arts of end-games: Yi Jian Ting Yu Ge, Tianjiying, Yunlu Xianju, and Bingxintang. In addition to inheriting the professional characteristics of end-games, they have made bold breakthroughs in appearance. The differences between occupations can be directly reflected in appearance. Diversified team communication, players will experience the endless fun of teamwork during the game. For example, two or two martial arts can combine to form a joint attack, so that the battle is no longer rigid and gives you an unprecedented smooth experience.

    2. Unlimited boundless views overlooking the seamless world

    "World" mobile game truly realizes the "Seamless Big World", open landscape vision, unconstrained map connection, allowing players to play in the wild world anytime, anywhere without waiting. The perfect combination of static and dynamic is realized between the building and the landscape. The seamless design of 10,000 hectares allows players to freely experience the complete world during normal movement, light work and flight. The game ’s first original air combat copy, Xiaoyaoyou, brings more possibilities to the battle scene with the best picture and strong sense of space. The air combat copy allows players to enjoy the thrill of fighting on the sky.

    3. Flying cornices walk the wall and experience true freedom

    "World" mobile game, with the self-developed next-generation Messiah engine by NetEase, brings the first real light power system in the history of mobile games. Multi-segment light power settings, accurate and predictable operations, and the eaves-and-loop Lingbo stepping sensory experience allow players to truly experience the real interaction between people and the environment through their fingertips, letting Feng Feng enter the earth every time, More immersive, farewell to the stereotyped preset animation, and enjoy the smoothest and most realistic substitution experience!

    4. No dead angles in 360 °

    Real-time interactive light and shadow effects, 360-degree panoramic sensory experience, the surrounding scenes of the character will show different levels of changes during the walking process. The dynamic design of fighting with subversive reforms will have corresponding physical reactions when characters are attacked, when they are hit with a charge, and the dodge will have a corresponding physical response. The game rhythm is clear, the changes are endless, and the degree of relaxation is moderate. .

    5, deep social, create new interaction

    More distinctive martial characteristics, more emphasis on cooperation and gameplay, making "social" more important in the game, real-time voice system, to meet the needs of players and teammates during communication, to provide a smoother game experience While experiencing the game, we have gradually established a revolutionary friendship with us. The world ’s breakthrough touch interaction technology in the mobile game allows players to break through the boundaries of the dimension and interact with the game character. The character will respond to the touch through the fingertips. Turning the lens will tighten the vision Follow closely. Players can also interact with other players in the game. The burly "natural machine" can hold Loli "Ice Heart" in her arms, and more interactive actions will continue to increase.

    [Update log]

    The "Double Eleven" version of "World" Mobile Games opens today, and the annual wild carnival is full of benefits! Open the Lucky Cat Card Lucky Draw! The trail of firework sticks turns into a red envelope, pick up a big red envelope behind you! You do n’t need to eat soil for Double Eleven, the shopping cart will sprinkle red envelopes! The local owner of farming chickens, rural life is fun! Double Eleven new appearance lucky fortune, God of Wealth lucky cat ornaments, step by step to make a fortune and other surprises online! An annual carnival promotion, spike, bargain, uninterrupted discounts! Double Eleven Gifts continue to be given, and multiple exclusive gifts are not to be missed! New service benefits are coming, cute new gifts, power blessing bags, secret treasures of friends and relatives, money tree is waiting for you!

    [Beckoning cat courtesy] There are many surprises in the lucky cat card draw.

    [Red envelope firework stick] Drop the pie in the sky, and use the firework stick to turn the footprint into a red envelope. Hurry up and pick up a big red envelope behind others.

    [Shopping cart with red envelopes] Shopping becomes profitable. There is no need to eat soil on Double Eleven. Shopping carts will also sprinkle red envelopes.

    [Happy Stealing Vegetables] The local owner of farming and raising chickens has a happy pastoral life, and can also steal food and steal chickens.

    [New appearance of Double Eleven] The new appearance of Double Eleven was introduced to Hualang fashion, the new mount Bai Yefei, the God of Wealth lucky cat ornaments, and step by step to make money and dust.

    [Double Eleven Gifts] The Double Eleven Treasure Draw Boxes are a bonus, and multiple exclusive luxury gifts are not to be missed.

    [Double Eleven Promotions] The annual Double Eleven Carnival Promotions, with spikes, bargains and uninterrupted discounts.

    [New Service Welfare] The new service "Ziqi Donglai" gives out multiple benefits, cute gifts, power blessing bags, secret treasures of relatives and friends, money tree, etc.

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    Tags: fantasy game, fantasy game

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