How to turn off Tencent Video's automatic VIP membership renewal

Tencent Video is a very easy to use video player software. Owning Tencent Video members can enjoy the noble right. How to turn off automatic renewal for Tencent Video members ? Let me tell you how to do it now!

Tencent Video Android Free Edition

Tencent Video Android Free Edition

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The tutorial for Tencent Video members to cancel the automatic renewal is as follows:

1. Open the Tencent Video App and click "My VIP Member" on the "My" screen;

Tencent Video Personal Center Interface

2. On the VIP member interface, click "Manage automatic renewal", as shown by the arrow in the figure;

Tencent Video VIP Member Interface

3. After opening, click on the text contained in the red box in the picture to enter;

Tencent video

4. On the "My Services" screen, click "Turn off automatic renewal";

Tencent video

5. Click "Confirm".

Tencent video

6. After the operation is completed, you can see that the Tencent Video VIP renewal is followed by the "closed" status.

Tencent video

众所周知,腾讯视频VIP会员账号需要充值才能够进行续费,那么有没有不需要充值不需要续费的方法来延长会员时间呢? PPS: As everyone knows, Tencent Video VIP member account needs to be recharged to be able to renew, so is there a way to extend the membership time without recharging and renewing ? The answer is, of course. Friends may wish to try this unlimited brush membership CDK tool, which will definitely surprise you.

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After reading the tutorial of Xiaobian, do you know how to cancel the automatic renewal of Tencent Video APP membership ? Then follow the tutorial provided by Xiaobian quickly, so that members do not want to renew but are automatically deducted after deducting fees!

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