How to share 360 smart cameras with others

360 smart camera APP can control the smart camera through WiFi network connection, realize remote viewing, voice call and other functions. You can also invite relatives and friends to watch the monitoring screen. Let ’s talk to Xiaobian about the specific steps.

360 Smart Camera

360 Smart Camera

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Device sharing:

1. If you want to share the camera for others to view, you must first be an administrator, that is, the device is bound by your account, open the 360 Smart Camera APP home page, and click the [View with Family] button.

360 smart camera choose to watch with family

2. Select the sharing method. Currently, sharing is supported through WeChat, SMS and QR code. Here, take the QR code as an example, select [Invite family members with a QR code], and a "My Camera QR Code" will be generated on your APP page.

360 smart cameras choose how to share

3. After your family and friends have installed the 360 Smart Camera client, click the "+" in the upper right corner of the APP homepage, select [Connect a family camera] and then click [Scan a QR code to connect a family camera] to scan the The QR code can be shared, and the shared camera will automatically appear in the camera list of your family and friends.

360 Smart Camera Management Device

4. After the device is shared, you can see the number of people who have shared the family under "My Camera" on the homepage. Click this button to enter the management page.

5. In the family management page, you can modify the family's note name, or you can choose not to share the camera to him anymore. The family and friends you invited can only view and use related functions, without administrator rights.

The above is the 360 smart camera sharing tutorial brought by Xiaobian. The friends in need can selectively share your camera pictures to your family and friends.

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