Can WeChat comments on WeChat friends circles be posted? Updates can send picture emoticons

Many friends have commented that the WeChat circle of friends cannot send custom icon emoticons. Recently, the WeChat Apple version has officially launched an update of version 7.0.9. The new version of WeChat has added a circle of friends custom emoticons comment function. Users can comment on the content of other people's circles with pictures and expressions.

WeChat Apple Edition

WeChat Apple Edition

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WeChat Apple Edition officially launches 7.0.9 update

If you want to comment and send pictures, the operation is also very simple. Click on the comment and select a custom expression in the comment box. It also supports moving pictures! In this way, Doutu is not limited to chatting, come and fight with friends.

Can WeChat friends comment post a love package?

At the same time, the new friend permissions can be set separately for open chat, circle of friends, WeChat sports, etc., and can also be limited to the chat function. In addition, the circle of friends and video dynamic permissions can also be set centrally to prevent him from watching and not watching him.

Comment on WeChat Moments

Of course, this update has not adapted to the dark mode of iOS 13 for the time being, and has added the function of quoting messages in chat. In addition, WeChat iOS also adds a separate setting for friend permissions.

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