Steam discount schedule 2020 G fat promotional specials you can't resist!

We ushered in 2020, and the first batch of post-90s also officially went to three, but Xiaobian believes that any age has its favorite games. Steam discounts for 2020 will continue as usual. The old Steam players know it well, but those new Steam players are different. I do n’t know when the game will be promoted, but the game they want to play is discouraged by the expensive price. Then you just need to collect this Steam 2020 discount promotion schedule, 6 large-scale promotional festivals every year, let you pass the double eleven of the game industry!

Steam platform client

Steam platform client

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Steam deals

Steam discount schedule 2020
discount Discount time (Beijing time) Discount time (PT time)

Spring Festival discounts

(Breaking news)

January 24th at 2am

Ends at 2 AM on January 28

January 23 starting at 10am

Ends at 10 AM on January 27

Summer sale


June 26, 1 a.m.

Ends at 1am on July 10th

June 25th at 10am

Ends at 10 AM on July 9th

Halloween promotion


Starting at 1am on October 29

Ends at 1am on November 2nd

Starts at 10 a.m. on October 28

Ends at 10am on November 1st

Christmas / Winter Promotion


Starting at 00:00 on December 20

Ends at 24 am on January 3

December 19th at 10am

Ends at 10 AM on January 2nd

Double 11 discount


Starting at 01:00 on November 11th

Ends at 24 am on November 12th

November 10th at 10am

Ends at 10am on November 11th

Fall Special / Black Friday Sale


Starts at 00:00 on November 27

Ends at 00:00 on December 4

November 26th at 10am

Ends at 10 AM on December 3

PS: I believe everyone knows that the annual promotion time of Steam will change. If the time shown in the table above is displayed (estimated), it means that the promotion time is a rough estimate based on the changes in time over the years, but it is not accurate Time; if it displays (official), it means that the promotion time is the accurate official promotion time of Steam. Hopefully.

The above table is the timetable of all the large-scale promotional holidays in 2020. Steam will also carry out some small promotional activities on Sunday, which will not be shown here one by one. I also hope that CTRL + D will collect it, and the editor will update the promotion time in real time according to the Steam official. Time is remembered, so I hope that everyone will consume rationally. The money that will enter you is not a strong wind!

SteamG fat

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