Know how to complete credit hours

Knowing that as a course learning application under the Wisdom Tree Network, the credits are used for assessment. Credits can be obtained through video learning, face-to-face classes, chapter tests, and professional score analysis functions. Let's get specific methods.



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Get credits:

1. First log in to the APP. If the teacher has imported your name and student ID, the course to be confirmed will pop up when you log in. Only click [Confirm] to start the course. Users who have not yet imported student numbers need to contact the course teacher as soon as possible.

Learn to choose credit course

2. After clicking, you can enter the personal interface. Students can choose their own courses, including shared courses and school courses.

3. After choosing the course, you need to confirm your study time, test time, and specific test method. You can see the specific information by clicking the score analysis.

Know to view performance analysis

The score analysis page will display the specific score composition and corresponding proportions, including face-to-face classes, forums, chapter tests, final exams, learning progress, and other aspects. The proportion of scores for different courses will also be different. It is necessary to study before understand. Click [Result Rules] to view the specific credit structure, and the calculation method of all scores will be displayed.

Know the rules for viewing results

4. After confirming the time, students can be assured of the student course. It should be noted that after the learning time, the study does not record the progress, the assignments are stopped submitting, the replay of the meeting class is not recorded, and the forum stops scoring. Get all credits within.

The above is the credit acquisition method brought by Xiaobian for you. If you are in need, please try it.

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