Phone management master can't read iOS memo

Some users found that they could not view their mobile memo after connecting their iPhone to the mobile phone management master. And it has been refreshed and restarted the phone many times, and still cannot display any memo information. Let's talk about the solution below.

Apowersoft Phone Management Master

Apowersoft Phone Management Master

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If your phone is an operating system with iOS 11 or higher and the phone manager cannot display your memo information, it may be because the memo is encrypted. Please follow the steps below:

1. Connect your iOS device to iTunes with a USB cable.

2. Click the device. In the summary function, you can see the backup options. Uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup.

Uncheck Encrypt iPhone backup

3. Enter your password and wait for the backup to complete.

4. Reconnect to the phone manager and try again.

If your device is an operating system below iOS 11, it may be because you have uploaded a memo in iCloud before. So please close the memo in iCloud directly

Click Settings> iCloud and close the button behind the memo. When you see the prompt below, select Delete from my iPhone.

Close memos in iCloud

Note: In this way, the phone manager can read all the memos you are about to create, but since the previous memo information is still saved in iCloud, you cannot read the previous memo. If you want to use the phone manager to read the memo information that has been created before, please delete the iCloud memo in your phone according to the second method.

The above is the processing method corresponding to different systems. Friends can refer to the corresponding method to solve it. If it still cannot be solved, please contact professional customer service to solve it for you.

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