Word form lowercase to uppercase method two methods to achieve

We all know that it takes only one formula to convert a lowercase numeric amount into a Chinese uppercase amount in Excel. So how to convert the amount in Word? There are two ways. Let ’s talk about it below.

Word 2013

Word 2013

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The first method is to use Word itself.

Let's take the following amount number as an example, we first select the amount to be converted.

We first select the amount to be converted

Then click the [Insert] tab at the top and click [Number] to find the uppercase number in the number type.


Finally, the amount is converted into Chinese characters in upper case. It's very simple.

The amount is converted to uppercase Chinese numbers

The second method is not the power of Word, but the input method. Basic input methods that are commonly used now have this function, such as Sogou and QQ.

Where we want to enter the amount, in the state of Chinese input, first enter a V, and then enter the lower case number. Then the input method will be automatically converted to uppercase input.

Enter a V first

How is it very simple? If you have a large amount of money to convert, Xiaobian still recommends using Excel to convert it in batches before importing it into Word. It saves time.

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