How to turn off the shake function on WeChat

As we all know, WeChat APP is now one of the most popular social softwares. Since its launch, it has been well received and praised by users. In the period when WeChat was just launched, many users like to use the software's shake function to add friends. Even if both parties turn on the phone and shake the phone at the same time, we will get the friend information of the other party. However, until today, many users will no longer use this feature to add friends, so many users want to turn off this feature, so I will share with you today how to turn off this feature, let ’s take a look Right.

Tencent WeChat V7.0.10 Android latest version

Tencent WeChat V7.0.10 Android latest version

Category: Chat Social Size: 130.61M Language: Simplified Chinese

Rating: 10

Method steps:

1. First open the WeChat APP in our mobile phone, then enter the personal center interface, and click the [Settings] function button on that interface.

WeChat closes the shake function method

2. In the setting interface, scroll down the function bar, find the [General] column, and click to enter.

WeChat closes the shake function method

3. After entering the general interface, find the [Discovery Page Management] function and click to enter the last step.

WeChat closes the shake function method

4. When we have completed all the above steps and successfully entered the page, simply click the switch behind the [Shake] function to successfully close the function.

WeChat closes the shake function method

The above is the specific method of turning off the shake function of the mobile phone WeChat that Xiaobian brought to you today. Those who just want to turn off the function but do n’t know how to turn it off, hurry up and try it, I hope this article can help everyone.

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